New Concealed Carry Laws in Arkansas

Below is a brief summary of the laws relevant to concealed carry in Arkansas that passed during the 2017 legislative session. Click on the act to read.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or the Arkansas State Police at

Acts that do not contain an emergency clause or a specified effective date become effective AUGUST 1, 2017.

ACT 239 of 2017 – Concerning the carrying of a firearm by a parole and probation officer.

ACT 486 of 2017 – A license to carry a concealed handgun shall not be denied, suspended, or revoked because a person was lawfully exercising his or her rights to carry a firearm under the United States Constitution, the Arkansas Constitution, or the Arkansas Code.

ACT 562 of 2017 – Establishes an enhanced concealed carry license where by an applicant can undergo training developed and approved by the Department of Arkansas State Police to obtain an endorsement. The endorsement permits the licensee to carry a concealed handgun in additional areas where such carry was previously prohibited. This act was subsequently amended by ACT 859 of 2017. The act is effective on and after September 1, 2017.

ACT 859 of 2017 – Amends ACT 562 of 2017 to prohibit carrying a concealed handgun by any licensee, even those with an endorsement, in certain places. The act also clarifies that a private entity may prohibit a person from carrying a concealed handgun under any circumstance by posting appropriate signs or by communicating the prohibition verbally or in writing. The act is effective on and after September 1, 2017.

ACT 957 of 2017 – An act concerning the ability of an auxiliary law enforcement or a retired law enforcement officer to carry a concealed handgun and to be exempted from the licensing requirements to carry a concealed handgun.

ACT 1017 of 2017 – An act concerning the requirements for a concealed handgun license for a current or former member of the United States Armed Forces and the manner in which they may be exempt from the live-fire requirement.

ACT 1071 of 2017 – An act permitting a concealed carry licensee to possess a concealed handgun in his or her employer’s parking lot unless the licensee is otherwise prohibited from doing so. The act also creates a cause of action concerning a violation of certain provisions of the act.

ACT 1087 of 2017 – Concerns the carrying of a concealed handgun in a courthouse by a prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecuting attorney. Additionally, law enforcement officers, bailiffs, or any other person authorized by a court may possess a handgun in any courtroom or courthouse in the state.

ACT 1090 of 2017 – Concerning the concealed carrying of a concealed handgun inside a courthouse by a concealed carry licensee who is employed by a government entity located inside the courthouse.

It is your responsibility as a concealed carry license holder to know and understand the laws as they pertain to you. We are not attorneys and we are providing you this information as we understand the law as it is written. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVISE. If you have questions concerning the law, seek legal advise from a reputable attorney in your area.

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