The cold cut like a many bladed knife*

At least that’s the way it felt if you dared to venture out this weekend. This also got me to thinking as I myself ventured out and watched all the people bundled up with their hats, gloves, scarves and big, warm winter coats…how many of them are concealed carry licensees? And of those, how many have actually trained in the cold? As an instructor I know the answer is low even though I really want to believe otherwise.

Maybe I am one of the few odds ducks that likes the cold, I am afterall a “Damn Yankee” (if you don’t know what that means ask anyone from the south or wait around and I may tell you). The plus side to the cold is more layers which naturally makes you “bulkier” and means it is easier to conceal a firearm. So if your “summer carry” only hold 5 – 8 rounds you can know easily double that (with a little extra weight) to a full size that holds 10 – 16 rounds and no one would be any the wiser.

The extra bulk that favors you with this convenience of a larger round capacity also means that the bad people of the world also are gifted this advantage. Plus, to me the cold is equated with holidays and holidays mean more access for the criminal element to do what they do best. Which brings me back to my one of my original questions…do you train in the cold?

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It’s not as easy as in the summer. If you carry inside the waistband, in the summer you may just have a tshirt covering your firearm. But in the winter you may have that tshirt, a long sleeve tshirt, sweater or sweatshirt over that and then a heavier coat. Add to those layers a nice bulky and warm pair of gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty! And what has all of this done?

What was a simple uncovering of the firearm by pulling up your shirt to uncover your firearm and gain access in the summer has just become more complicated!! You know may have to sweep the jacket back, grab a hold of that sweater or sweatshirt and the layers underneath it. And don’t forget about those gloves keeping your hands warm! Can you get an adequate grip with them on? Will your finger fit inside the the trigger guard? No? Then what?

Hopefully you have thought this out in advanced. Hopefully you have taken the time to train in the cold. No one “likes” to be cold but if you are willing to do it, the rewards far outweigh the cold.

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Damn Yankee = a person from the north that either got lost on their way home or never went home and stayed in the south.

* Israel Zangwill, The Big Bow Mystery

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